Not Me, It’s A Trap
(Animated Feature)

A Research Scientist, Professor Whyze, and his eleven-year-old son Tommy, through their microscope observe an underworld of evil, with underhanded terrorists plotting to attack innocent children with addictions and distractions. They plot to capture the minds and bodies of kids, targeting them with weapons of mass destruction – alcohol, drugs and tobacco, to stop their growth physically, mentally and spiritually. The War On Kids robs them of their potential, destroys families and obliterates their future, preventing the children from being their best and becoming all they were meant to be. America is under siege and it’s official, there is a “War On Kids” in the City of Notaware. The war on kids is unbridled now, drugs, pills, marijuana, alcohol, smoking cigarettes medically proven to cause cancer. Peer pressure, bullying, easily accessed at home and school via the Internet. The number of deaths from overdoses, accidental deaths, suicide, escalate, prison populations grow, while high school dropouts continue. Seeing this world of terror, death and destruction, life and death situations, there is a way to overcome evil and addictions, one thing is clear – it is never wrong to do the right thing.

LA DA Story

Los Angeles District Attorney’s office professes to protect the residents of Los Angeles County by prosecuting violent and dangerous criminals and seeking justice for all. But there is a dark side to the LA DA’s operations, when it is utilized by powers-that-be to persecute whistleblowers, violate the civil rights of U.S. citizens and stop investigations of the criminal elements. LA DA story will unveil the dark underbelly of what’s considered to be “the nation’s best” prosecutorial office.

Workers Con

Workers Compensation is the Worker’s Con – a deeply flawed process that adds insult to injury. An octopus of corruption, with tentacles created to exhaust and prevent adequate medical care and compensation to those injured, in an indifferent, hostile workplace. See the depths of betrayal and corruption through the stories of those injured in the workplace, only to be assailed by the system.

Top Priority: The Terror Within

Federal officer with the Department of Homeland Security discovers a national security breach related to the entry of 23 aliens from terrorist countries into the United States. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, former head of the DEA Robert Bonner can’t afford any more media scrutiny, since his incompetence was already exposed in the NASA ‘Challenger’ disaster. To avoid the scandal, the full might of the government is unleashed against Julia Davis, her family and witnesses. This retaliation reaches the unprecedented magnitude, including false imprisonments and the use of helicopters and airplanes for warrantless surveillance. The truth is no longer a secret. 

Forget About It

Three retired war veterans (Burt Reynolds, Robert Loggia, Charles Durning) living in a trailer park are vying for the attentions of an attractive female neighbor (Raquel Welch). When they find a stash of cash in the desert, they start living the high life. The cash is the mobs payroll and the old boys soon have the mafia and the FBI descending upon their idyllic existence.

Corrupted Justice

Emmy Award winning Investigative Journalist Leslie Dutton and Full Disclosure Network connect both sides of the political isle to tell the tale of judicial corruption. Hosted by Emmy Award winning actor Ed Asner, the film exposes double-dipping judges, glaring conflicts of interest and unconstitutional incarceration for political motives. The founding fathers warned against the abuse of power and a runaway judiciary that now threatens every US citizen and taxpayer.

McNelly’s Rangers

The incredible true story of the legendary Texas Ranger, Cpt. Leander H. McNelly. Along with 25 Texas rangers under his command, McNelly invaded Mexico against the U.S. government’s orders in the quest to apprehend a renegade Mexican general and his forces, who were pillaging ranches and homesteaders along the Texas/Mexico border. Action, strength and honor.


Rogues In Robes

The Judiciary is an essential part of American government that is seething with corruption. No political figure ever runs for office based on judicial reform.   The United States legal system from all appearances is the best money can buy.  It is a rich man’s game and the illusion of justice for the common man does not exist as created by the founding fathers in theory, due process and fair and equal protection under the law is negated when judges betray their oath of office to protect and serve the people as prescribed by federal and state law. “Rogues In Robes” digs into the chambers and looks underneath that black veil, from Jefferson to recently defrocked villains. The fix is in but the truth will be told.

Confessions Of A Hollywood Stuntman

This biopic features the incredible true story of Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Famer, with two standing world records, BJ Davis. This awe-inspiring tale is a life lesson in overcoming insurmountable odds and adverse circumstances.



Charlie Sheen’s Stunts Spectacular

The movie magic of behind the scenes techniques, skills, specialties and insider information, is revealed with all of the antics of the unsung heroes of Hollywood. The men and women of the few, the select, one of a kind, stuntmen and stunt women elite of the entertainment field. High profile and controversial Charlie Sheen introduces the detailed, mechanical aspects of every kind of stunts from fire, fights, live action capturing, wire work, air rams, decelerators, motorcycle work, precision driving, car rolls, stair rolls, horse falls, to high falls where producing partner BJ Davis holds two standing world records for a high fall and aerial neck suspension. 

Beautiful Evil

A taste of immortality in “Beautiful Evil” as the Hollywood Hills are littered with the bodies of Sunset Strip prostitutes. The ladies of the night are found decapitated, no remnants or traces of blood remain in their lifeless bodies. The LAPD are perplexed and Steve “Flash” Turner, a down and out paparazzi photographer is hoping his luck is about to change when he captures Beverly Hills socialite Baroness Von Siepold at a star studded event. Flash gets the shot, but the image of the Baroness does not transfer to the digital picture. No one will believe this sure shot photographer missed a photo-op as the body count continues to rise when the sun sets.

Room and Board

“Room and Board” is a stand-alone horror film, with elements of drama, suspense and dark comedy. It comes alive a La Hermitage, with pure blood pumping through its veins. This horrifying tale is based on an incredible true story.
Take an intimate look inside of a popular bed and breakfast, owned by the deceptively attractive group of Russian women. The meat-cleaving matriarch of a family dies, leaving her bloody legacy to gorgeous but conniving offspring. The mad mixture of black comedy and horror erupts, as marauding beauties cook up a delightfully horrific picture show. “Room and Board” is full of twists and turns, complete with an unexpected ending that leaves the possibility of an expanding menu – and a sequel…


In a world with no rules, one man dares to change the game.





Laser Mission

Mercenary Gold is sent from the CIA to seize the laser expert Braun in Cuba, before the KGB catches him. A recently stolen giant diamond could be used together with Braun’s knowledge to construct a laser cannon which could bring power over the whole world. Who will succeed: CIA or KGB – or none of them?



White Ghost

An M.I.A. US soldier nicknamed White Ghost lives in hiding in the jungles of communist Vietnam. The US army finds out about him and sends a black ops team to rescue him. However, the team is lead by a man who wants White Ghost dead.




LAPD: To Protect and To Serve

Two cops, a rookie and his partner, a veteran, are increasingly troubled by wild and illegal behavior of some of their colleagues. At first they try to ignore it, but it soon proves to be impossible to ignore.





Former Cannon Pictures Producer and Film Icon Menahem Golan brings to the big screen “Stickfighter” with newcomer Kely McClung to the mean streets of Los Angeles.
Battling guns and organized crime, a new twist to defending oneself and taking the offense to preserve law and order, extracting revenge. From a baton, to a walking cane, to an umbrella and even swords are no match for this Philippine style of fighting with roots back to the Aztecs and from around the world.

Lima: Breaking The Silence

An intense drama based on the true story of Peruvian rebels who in 1997 kidnapped several hundred high-ranking diplomats and government officials in an attempt to force the release of 400 political prisoners.





Former Navy SEAL “Rod Armstrong” (Frank Zagarino) is now a freelance military trainer living in Moscow, Russia, who is unexpectedly visited by the man (Charles Napier) who trained him as a SEAL. “Bob” (Napier) is accompanied to Moscow by his wife (Kimberly Kates), whom he also trained as a SEAL, for a vacation. However, “Bob” is there to recruit “Armstrong” to help in with a Special Ops mission from the President himself. “Bob” has brought a video tape with him which shows a Russian military base housing missiles with nuclear warheads that are being purchased on the Black Market. However, when “Bob” gets murdered, it’s up to “Armstrong”, “Susan” and a Russian soldier to bring those responsible to justice.

Quiet Thunder

A bush pilot and a senator’s wife try to survive in the jungles of Africa after witnessing an assassination.





Streets of Hollywood

The Streets of Hollywood – the land of dreams, movie stars and sunshine. The streets have become the killing fields of a vigilante, when law and order fails! Film star Judy Landers is missing, yesterday’s suspects are today’s victims.