Not Me, It’s A Trap

A Research Scientist, Professor Whyze, and his eleven-year-old son Tommy, through their microscope observe an underworld of evil, with underhanded terrorists plotting to attack innocent children with addictions and distractions. They plot to capture the minds and bodies of kids, targeting them with weapons of mass destruction – alcohol, drugs and tobacco, to stop their growth physically, mentally and spiritually. The War On Kids robs them of their potential, destroys families and obliterates their future, preventing the children from being their best and becoming all they were meant to be. America is under siege and it’s official, there is a “War On Kids” in the City of Notaware.  The war on kids is unbridled now, drugs, pills, marijuana, alcohol, smoking cigarettes medically proven to cause cancer. Peer pressure, bullying, easily accessed at home and schoolvia the Internet. The number of deaths from overdoses, accidental deaths, suicide, escalate, prison populations grow, while high school dropouts continue. Seeing this world of terror, death and destruction, life and death situations, there is a way to overcome evil and addictions, one thing is clear – it is never wrong to do the right thing.