Medal Of Honor (TV)

Hosted by Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds.

“Medal of Honor” is a patriotic TV Series, hosted by Academy Award nominee Burt Reynolds. Medal of Honor is America’s highest military award, authorized by President Lincoln on March 25, 1863 for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Since that time, there have been over 3,000 recipients, including one woman, a twelve year old boy, a father and son, a US President, one conscientious objector, Buffalo Bill Cody and nineteen (19) two-time recipients.

Russian Media Monitor (TV)

“Russian Media Monitor” and “,” by Julia Davis, a Russian Analyst and Media Expert.  As an Investigative Journalist, Julia actively debunks Russian propaganda and monitors all types of Russian media. RMM showcases Russia’s foreign policy and domestic affairs through the lens of its invasive, Kremlin-controlled propaganda. Investigative reports and revelations by Julia Davis for Russian Media Monitor and have prompted retractions and corrections by RT (formerly Russia Today) and other media outlets.

Charlie Sheen’s Stunts Spectacular (TV)

The movie magic of behind the scenes techniques, skills, specialties and insider information, is revealed with all of the antics of the unsung heroes of Hollywood. The men and women of the few, the select, one of a kind, stuntmen and stunt women elite of the entertainment field. High profile and controversial Charlie Sheen introduces the detailed, mechanical aspects of every kind of stunts from fire, fights, live action capturing, wire work, air rams, decelerators, motorcycle work, precision driving, car rolls, stair rolls, horse falls, to high falls where producing partner BJ Davis holds two standing world records for a high fall and aerial neck suspension.

How To Become A Hollywood Stuntman (TV)

Film and television star Charlie Sheen and Hollywood Stuntman Hall of Famer BJ Davis co-host this first of its kind reality TV show to take you behind the scenes, giving audiences an insider glimpse into the world of movie magic. All the tricks of the trade, hard work and dedication for America’s unsung heroes of the cinema are shown for the very first time. Charlie works through the world of spectacular stunts and details the “Art of Action” from concept to the big screen for viewing audiences. Introduced as one of the very first reality TV formats, “How To Become A Hollywood Stuntman” showcases the secrets and shortcuts to this exciting field in the entertainment industry with Charlie Sheen and BJ Davis. 

The Pharmacy (TV)

Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories (TV)

Incredible true stories of America’s unsung heroes, without whom most cases of corruption, abuse and government waste would never be uncovered. Witness unbelievable tales of bravery, integrity and retaliation funded by taxpayer dollars that followed to silence the suspect deeds. Covering all forums from the billion dollar pharmaceutical trade, national security, banking, housing, American Medical Association, Food and Drug Administration, Securities Exchange Commission, every aspect of society, government, the business world, Offices of Inspector Generals, Office Special Counsel, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Merit Systems Protection Board, Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit, Federal criminal, civil litigation, Department of Justice, Senate Judiciary Committee, Government Oversight Committee and Supreme Court. Featuring and detailing the heroes and heroines who dared to care. Whistleblowers are supposedly protected by federal law Whistleblower Retaliation – 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8). However, statistics dispute that. Federal employees could benefit from the Whistleblower Protection Act – 5 U.S.C. 1221(e) and the No Fear Act, which made individual agencies directly responsible for the economic sanctions of unlawful retaliation. On camera interviews and Congressional hearings will be part of this first of its kind, informative and educational entertainment, a must for global audiences and inconvenient patriots.

Rogues in Robes (TV)

The Judiciary is an essential part of American government that is seething with corruption. No political figure ever runs for office based on judicial reform.   The United States legal system from all appearances is the best money can buy.  It is a rich man’s game and the illusion of justice for the common man does not exist as created by the founding fathers in theory, due process and fair and equal protection under the law is negated when judges betray their oath of office to protect and serve the people as prescribed by federal and state law. “Rogues In Robes” digs into the chambers and looks underneath that black veil, from Jefferson to recently defrocked villains. The fix is in but the truth will be told.

Texas Rangers: The Untold Stories (TV)

One of our nations oldest and most prestigious law enforcement agencies since 1823. One of the first law enforcement academies, founded and started by a handicapped Ranger. From the Texas 8th Calvary, known as Terry’s Rangers, to the present day Texas Rangers. The rich history is unknown and untold from TV fantasy, to a no-nonsense law enforcement and peacekeeping entity. “One riot, one Ranger” speaks volumes in history.

Because Jesus Did Ministries (TV)